Natural Skincare During Pregnancy and Beyond

Natural Skincare During Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy is a celebration that marks the beginning of new life but also brings with it concerns on whether you’re doing your best for both yourself and your growing baby. You focus more on what you eat, what you wear, how you sleep and even what skincare you use, which can sometimes be overwhelming with the overload of information out there.

As we all know, the skin is our largest organ and absorbs what we apply to it. So it’s important that we choose and use the right skincare products. We’ve put together some useful information to help you understand the importance of using natural skincare during pregnancy and beyond.

Let’s start with the most commonly used hormone disrupting ingredients you should be avoiding in your products – Parabens (used as a preservative), Phthalates (used as a fragrance), BPA (used in packaging), Triclosan (used in soaps for antibacterial effects), PEG’s (used as thickeners, solvents, softeners and moisture-carriers), and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (used as surfactants).

Studies have confirmed that these endocrine disrupting chemicals present in many skin care products are easily absorbed into our bloodstream where they accumulate in the tissue over time, leading to hormone-disrupting effects. Ingredients like phthalates have been linked to thyroid dysfunction, endometriosis, shortened menstrual cycles in non-pregnant women and decreased birth weight at gestational age at birth.

Now that you know what these toxic ingredients are and the effects they can have on your health, it’s best to stay clear of them. This brings us is to our next step – finding the right products to help you take care of your skin, yourself and, your baby. Studies have revealed that natural and organic products are beneficial to pregnant women as they are free from harmful chemical, hormone disruptors.

Choosing natural skincare can help in many ways; below are some of the reasons why:

Protect Your Skin: As your skin becomes highly sensitive during pregnancy, the chances of developing skin irritation and allergic reactions are much higher. By choosing natural products, you’re protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the toxic chemicals used in non-natural skin care products. Our Prenatal Herbal Body Oil, suitable for all skin types, is a unique blend of safe skin-nourishing oils and herbs lovingly crafted to protect and nurture your extra sensitive skin care needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Rich in Vitamins and enzymes, our herbal body oil will, treat dry skin and improve the overall texture; while the gentle touch of lavender and green mandarin oils offer subtle calming and uplifting aromas to help you relax and unwind.

Keep Stretch Marks at Bay: With pregnancy comes the side effects of stretched skin on your belly, breasts, hips and thighs that could lead to dry, itchy skin. So using moisturising products, that contain butters and oils made from natural ingredients, can significantly help prevent stretch marks from forming. Natural ingredients also boast effective healing and moisture-retention properties, which is why they are perfect for keeping your skin soft and nourished. For skin-loving care, try our Herbal Shea Butter Body Moisturiser made from nourishing unrefined shea butter enriched with fatty acids. Suitable for all skin types, our shea butter moisturiser is so versatile, that it can safely be used on the abdomen, breasts and thighs during pregnancy, as well as to treat babies bottoms from diaper rash and other skin conditions like eczema.

We also have a range of non-essential oil skin care products that are safe to use during and after pregnancy. You can find our complete range of products suitable for mother and child here. If you’d like further information on choosing the right products or how to make the most of our natural skincare range, then please connect.