We have always believed in the power of natural products for improving skin and therefore, wanted to create a range of products that would be ideal for the unique needs of men’s skin.

Our range of men’s grooming products have been designed to support healthy skin & minimise the appearance of ageing. A simple three step approach, providing organic and natural restorative products for men. For effective, simple & peak-performing skin, follow our three step approach.

Skincare routine for men


  1. The Gentlemen’s Shaving Gelé

Our Gentlemen’s shaving gelé is pH balanced with aloe vera & calming herb infused low foam shaving gel that can also be used as a natural cleanser. The shaving gel helps soothe & soften beards to create a great shave, without irritation. While formulated for men, we also know that women love this product too!

Don’t just take our word for it, our highly coveted product is already 5* rated.

“this gelé has amazing slip and feels so soothing. Using it is like a treat for my face. The aroma is relaxing and it works wonderfully to cleanse and help the blade slide easily. It’s also not drying at all and my skin feels cleansed yet moisturised after use.”

  1. The Gentlemen’s Aftershave

Step 2 in our skincare routine is to apply our skin-quenching aftershave serum. Not only is this aftershave highly soothing and lightly moisturising, it also has age-defying properties. The combination of essential oils release a revitalising aromatic scent.

  1. The Gentlemen’s Moisturiser

Complete our men’s skincare routine with a light-weight moisturiser. Our organic moisturiser with organic oils and herbs, harmonise with men’s oil-loving skin to visibly rejuvenate skin. This product is especially beneficial to mature skin.

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    April 07, 2021 — Times 2 Studios