Our Connection With Nature

Our Connection With Nature

Living Nature

There is a feeling of exhilaration when we connect with living nature. A sense of joy and youthful vitality swells in us as we absorb the life-force energies found in the purity and aliveness of nature embracing us. Our own expressions of Vitality and Life expand when our bodies and senses are nourished by living light, living water, living plants, living minerals and the unseen elevating and gentle spirit we can feel in the beauty and dance of nature.

Living Light, Living Plants

Living plants are teeming with superconductive energy and are integrated with healing vibrations of colour and geometries that are in harmony with our bodies. They contain powerful regenerating nutrients and life- force energy harnessed from the sun as they transmute light into life. Science calls the light emitted by living cells in our body and in plant life, biophotons. Biophotons (light) are the key to communication between plant cells and our body.

This is the most subtle, yet most powerful aspect of energy fields that are within and surrounding all living things. Without light (biophotons), there is no life. When biophotons are not present in plant life, there is no communication between the cells in plants and the cells in our bodies and in our skin.

Topically applied products that contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients may produce a reaction, but they are not communicating harmoniously with the cells in our bodies or skin and therefore can create physical and even mental imbalances. ISUN skin-caring products are created from living plants abundant with Light that is in harmony with the Light in our cells.

The flow of communication between the Light in the plants and the Light in our cells opens the pathway in our body to effectively repair, regenerate, balance and protect our skin and support our overall well-being.