Wandering through the Colorado wilderness mountain forest behind my home 20 years ago, the lure of a small lively stream of water called to me. Sometimes hidden under thick brush or rushing over rocks and fallen trees, I followed it to its source at an altitude of 9,600'.

I was mesmerised by the subtle enchanting hues of shimmering gold and blue light dancing in the water that was gushing out of a small cavern in the side of a steep hill with wild watercress growing all around. I splashed it on my face and drank it. It was cold and felt heavier in my mouth than other water. The sweet taste was as mysterious as the gold and blue hues.

For years, the spring and the surroundings were a sacred refuge for me... a place where I could commune with nature in the silence of the forest and return feeling mystically uplifted and rejuvenated.

Years later, attending a live video documentary on the subject of 'superfoods' with Gabriel Cousens, MD, I learned the secret of the vibrantly alive water for the first time. It was the 'ormus' naturally present in high altitude springs at their source that give the water its hues and special taste, and the mystical rejuvenating essence that was so evident.

Ormus, I learned is the name given to a range of liquid metals from the platinum group that includes gold, silver and copper. The liquid light-infused elements are single atoms in a high spin state which is said, gives the water superconductive properties for rapid cell and energetic communication. It is even said that the ormus atoms are a medium of communication between the physical world and energy fields.

There was no doubt the discovery and personal experience and later knowledge of the spring water and its special properties were meant to be a gift to share with others in special ISUN products.

The joy and gratitude of this discovery are beyond words!

Bunnie Gulick, founder of ISUN Skincare

May 20, 2020 — Tracey Annette Drabloes