Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing

ISUN products have been consciously formulated to provide a ‘Quantum Healing Effect’ for total well-being – body, mind and spirit. This means, that beyond the obvious effects that support more youthful, balanced skin, ISUN skincare products also support overall physical and emotional health and well-being.

A quantum healing effect that offers a sense of total well-being from a skincare product can only be fulfilled when the products meet the following criteria: 

1. They are created from inception with positive, clear intentions.

2. They are made from pure, unadulterated, life and health-giving ingredients.

3. They are made with living, high life-force energy ingredients.

ISUN skincare products meet these criteria, providing a foundation for inner and outer radiance. This makes it possible to experience an inner feeling of total well-being and greater awareness of the true nature of the self, others and nature.