Firming and Brightening Organic Mask

What is Skin Lightening & Skin Brightening?

A question we often get asked is what’s the difference between skin lightening & skin brightening? Skin lightening helps reduce skin pigmentation to create a more even skin tone, while skin brightening helps increase your skins radiance and achieve a healthy glow. 

Our range of natural skin lightening products includes skin lightening serum, facial oil and eye cream. These products can be used as part of your daily skin care routine to help treat uneven skin tone. Our 5 star Peptide Eye Cream also has anti-ageing properties.

Our natural skin brightening range consists of cleansers, exfoliants and masks. Each product is hand-crafted with wildcrafted, organic and natural ingredients, all of which help improve you skins radiance and create a natural healthy glow.

In addition to our skin lightening & brightening ranges, sun care is also an important consideration. We advise using sun cream all year round, as the Sun’s harmful rays can cause damage even on cloudy days. Using our sun cream will help prevent skin pigmentation caused by sun damage.

What make ISUN’s lightening & brightening range natural & organic?

Nature is at the heart of ISUN products and our lightening & brightening ranges are no different. All our products are hand-crafted using pure and organic ingredients. Nutrients are kept vibrantly alive with cold-processing and enhanced with energy techniques. We formulate, manufacture and package our products by hand in the pristine San Juan mountains of Colorado.

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    All Skin Types

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