Underlying all we do in the creations and outreach of ISUN and our products, is our belief that a true measure for happiness and success in life is living from the heart with a depth of caring expressed by treating ourselves, others and our Earth with loving kindness. This way of living springs naturally from us when we understand that we are all connected as one Light. In this awareness, it is natural to graciously give to ourselves, others and all life with gratitude and without condition.

Do No Harm

Our guiding principle in the creation of ISUN from sourcing our ingredients to our manufacturing practices to the consumer, is that no harm is brought to the land where ingredients are harvested, to the people or the environment where ingredients are sourced, to animals, microorganisms and their eco-systems, and to the individuals who use our products. For those who work with and use our products, this means that we make only safe, beneficial products that use no harmful chemicals and only the purest, highest energy ingredients we can source. The only preservative we use in those products that require extra preservation, is aspen bark, a common tree found in our mountain region.

High Integrity Ingredients

All ISUN products are based on plant ingredients – herbs, base oils and essential oils. Our ingredients are primarily wildcrafted, organic or natural and contain no harmful chemicals. Some of our ingredients have been sourced from indigenous cultures where they are blessed in sacred ceremony before they arrive to us. We believe the intentional blessings increase their energy values and benefits. In our lab, we too, take care to enhance the energy values of our ingredients and finished products with the use of positive intentions (reference Masaru Emoto’s research), placement of geometric symbols on ingredient and bulk product containers, sound & colour vibration and gemstone energy.

Processing Awareness

Our products are made with cold-processing techniques when possible. This helps maintain peak activity with high nutrient and energy values. Plant electrons undamaged by heat or chemicals are more in harmony with our skin and bodies. We make the majority of our herb oil and extracts in our lab to ensure their integrity and aliveness. Our herb oils are the basis of all our oil-soluble products. They are especially abundant with high nutrient values and lively energy. The herbs infused into our oil blends are kept at a low temperature of 90°-95°F for 14-30 days. This allows the active constituents to diffuse into the oil without damaging the properties of the herbs offering the greatest benefits to skin.

Manufacturing Compliance

All ISUN skincare products are formulated and developed by founder and CEO, Bunnie Gulick. They are made by our talented lab team in our manufacturing facility located in the pristine environment of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, called the ‘Shining Mountains’ by the Ute Indians who inhabited the area. Every product batch produced is tested both by an independent laboratory and with our own lab testing procedures. We are GMP (good manufacturing practice), ISO and Osha compliant.

High Integrity Packaging

ISUN skincare products are packaged in recyclable dark violet glass manufactured and tested in Switzerland. This unique glass has been shown to better preserve natural products as well as extend shelf life and prevent penetration of radiation from airport xray machines and other sources of radiation. A limited number of products are packaged in black PET plastic.

Giving Back to Our ISUN Team

We keep a sacred space in our ISUN facility for weekly team meditation, higher knowledge discussions, breathing exercises and for individual silent breaks in their workday. This helps our team to hold focus and maintain balance in their personal and working lives.

Giving Back to Others

We donate monthly proceeds to organizations* that foster growth of the spirit in raising conscious awareness and self-discovery in individuals.

We believe that if individual consciousness is raised into greater understanding of our inner Light and our connection with others and all life, the world may soon be a better place where understanding, compassion and loving kindness prevails and hatred, anger, fear and wars will cease to be. We also support the development of safe water systems, feeding impoverished children and protection of our worlds rain forests for the preservation of our planet.

*IAHV, Mooji Foundation, Eros Foundation, Feed The Children, Water Charity, Cool Earth